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Gordon Research Conference — Vascular Cell Biology

20th January 2019 - 25th January 2019
Ventura, CA, United States


The Vascular Cell Biology Gordon Research Conference is focused on integrative aspects of vascular biology and pathology. The main goal of the Conference is to discuss the emerging biological and translational concepts in the field, to provide an opportunity to learn about the most recent data and new experimental approaches. The conference will address the basic biology of vascular cells and the reciprocal connections between vasculature and human diseases ranging from cardiovascular, neurovascular and metabolic diseases to organ fibrosis and cancer. The program includes sessions focused on fundamental aspects of vascular biology, e.g. mechanisms of vascular specification and development, vascular cell differentiation, inflammation, vascular metabolism and mechanobiology of vascular and lymphatic systems. These will be combined with discussions of newer areas of vascular biology, e.g. regulation of vascular cell fate and its role in disease, advances in endothelial targeting, novel regulatory networks in vascular inflammation and aging. In parallel with human studies, various experimental models ranging from zebrafish to mouse will be discussed. The program includes a new afternoon session on career development, inclusion of women and minorities, discussion of specific opportunities for junior investigators in academia and industry, and international visibility of the next generation of vascular biologists. Every session will feature short talks selected from the abstracts. Posters presenters will have an opportunity to provide a short summary to highlight and advertise their poster during morning sessions. Financial support will be available for both, established and junior investigators.

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