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Gordon Research Conference — Transglutaminases in Human Disease Processes

17th June 2018 - 22nd June 2018
Les Diablerets, Switzerland


Transglutaminases are a family of structurally and functionally related enzymes that are widely distributed in all living organisms. The predominant and classical function of these enzymes is calcium-dependent protein crosslinking which mostly occurs in the extracellular space. However, novel, non-crosslinking roles ranging from intracellular cell signaling to cell adhesion and transcription have emerged and added a level of challenge to understand of their function in human biology. Recent advances in medicinal chemistry have introduced excellent methods and tools to the field that aid the quest of deciphering the biological roles of transglutaminases in health and disease. Dysregulation of transglutaminases in multiple human diseases is known and we are beginning to understand how this contributes to the pathogenesis of certain diseases. This 5th Gordon Research Conference on "Transglutaminases in Human Disease Processes" will delve into many disease areas, to establish where transglutaminases are central to the disease process. The conference will address ways to restore normal enzyme function and explore the tools available and needed to help us monitor or modulate enzyme levels, expression or activity. The meeting will discuss the latest cutting-edge research in transglutaminase chemistry and biology, bringing together the most eminent and innovative researchers, young investigators, trainees and newcomers to this field from across the world. We cordially invite everyone interested in transglutaminases to join the conference. Each presentation within the session will have ample time for in depth discussion and all sessions will include a presentation chosen from the submitted abstracts. There will also be four poster sessions that will provide a great opportunity for researchers, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students to present their work under an informal and relaxed atmosphere that fosters networking and idea sharing.

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