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FASEB SRC: Molecular Biophysics of Membranes

17th June 2018 - 22nd June 2018
Olean, NY, United States


This FASEB SRC will focus on membranes and membrane proteins. Membranes define the boundaries of cells and sub-cellular compartments. Membrane proteins, which represent over 25% of proteins and over 50% of drug targets, play key roles in many life processes. Advances in methodology have led to tremendous recent progress in this field. For instance, dramatic increases in the number of membrane protein structures known at atomic resolution provide the foundation for mechanistic studies and drug development efforts. Advances in microscopy methods are enabling visualization of biological processes involving membranes, and structure determination of large membrane-bound complexes. The conference program includes sessions on a variety of membrane proteins and complexes, as well as on the complexities of the membrane itself – the roles of its domains and shapes in various biological processes. Topics will include mechanisms and folding of membrane proteins of both fundamental and medical importance.

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