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FASEB SRC: Translational Neuroimmunology

8th July 2018 - 13th July 2018
Snowmass Village, CO, United States


This SRC is focused on defining the contributions of neuroimmune interactions in CNS health and disease and explores the opportunities and challenges for harnessing neuroimmune interactions as therapies for classic neurologic and neurodegenerative diseases including neurodevelopmental disorders, TBI, spinal cord injury, stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. This conference explores recent cutting edge discoveries on the molecular mechanisms of neuro-immune interactions involved in maintaining or disrupting CNS health as well as the influences of the microbiome, environmental toxicants and genotype on tipping the balance between health and disease. Aspects of this SRC conference that have been ranked highly by past attendees include, ample presentation and discussion time for oral presentations, selection of abstracts from junior scientists and graduate trainees for short platform presentations, well attended poster sessions, time for free and open discussions between speakers and attendees aimed at fostering new and ongoing collaborations. New this year are addition of two workshops discussing pragmatic issues and careers aimed at bridging the well known “valley of death” between seminal research discoveries and development of therapies. Altogether, attendees of this SRC will enjoy a multidisciplinary group of researchers not usually found together at specialized conferences and will benefit from the focus on the opportunities and challenges for translating basic research discoveries to therapies.

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