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Gordon Research Conference - Thiol-Based Redox Regulation and Signaling

15th July 2018 - 20th July 2018
Castelldefels, Spain


This meeting will focus on foundational principles of thiol-based redox regulation and redox signaling. It will discuss the implications of the newest insights for our understanding of aging and age-related disease. We have come to understand that the function of a great many proteins is regulated by reversible thiol (or thioether) modifications. Sulfur transiently bonds to sulfur (disulfides and hydropersulfides), oxygen (sulfenic acids, sulfoxides), and nitrogen (sulfenyl amides, thionitrites). Alterations in protein thiol (or thioether) oxidation state and redox signaling are associated with the development and progression of age-related diseases, including cancer. One key challenge is to understand how oxidative protein modifications are generated with selectivity and efficiency. Another key challenge is to understand the biological meaning and (patho)physiological consequences of oxidative protein modifications. Central to this challenge is the ability to measure these modifications and their stoichiometry in vivo. This requires rigorous understanding of sulfur and reactive species chemistry. We also need to understand how thiol modifications integrate and cross-talk with other kinds of signaling. This interdisciplinary conference is in its 7th cycle after six very successful meetings in the U.S. (2006, 2012 and 2016), Italy (2008 and 2010), and Spain (2014) and provides an important venue for the free exchange of ideas among chemists, biochemists, molecular and cell biologists, physiologists, and clinicians working on various aspects of redox biology and medicine. By bringing together investigators with varied expertise in basic and clinical research, the meeting is expected to stimulate collaborations and catalyze scientific progress as has been exemplified by the success of the previous meetings. The GRC will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) (July 14-15, 2018), which provides opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral scientists to formally present research and engage in scientific discussions on this important focus area of research.

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