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Gordon Research Conference — RNA Nanotechnology

13th January 2019 - 18th January 2019
Ventura, CA, United States


The 2019 GRC on RNA Nanotechnology is the third meeting in a new biennial series that began covering this timely topic in 2015. The conference promotes scientific exchange and fosters interdisciplinary collaborations between scientists working in diverse disciplines ranging from chemistry and biophysics of nucleic acids to materials sciences, biology and medicine, including the rapidly expanding fields of noncoding RNA and nucleic acids in extracellular vesicles. The breadth of the nucleic acid nanotechnology field provides a collaborative environment for researchers with a wide range of backgrounds who are united by an interest in nucleic acid applications. In nine sessions, the conference brings together experts from mature as well as emerging areas of nucleic acid research which span a wide spectrum of exciting science ranging from fundamental aspects to biomedical and translational advances of RNA and DNA nanotechnology. Sessions on Nucleic Acid Folding and Structure and on Nucleic Acid Modeling and Computation will feature cutting-edge research on the molecular basis of nucleic acid architectures and biophysical as well as in silico approaches to study and predict folding of nanostructures. Design, assembly and characterization of nucleic acid nanostructures will be covered in separate sessions on RNA Nanostructures and DNA Nanotechnology. Emerging new applications of nucleic acid architectures as functional devices and as control elements in synthetic biology approaches will be presented in sessions on Nucleic Acid Based Sensors and Devices and RNA Synthetic Biology. Three sessions on Biological RNA Nanoparticles, Extracellular RNA Based Diagnostics and on Synthetic and Biological Nucleic Acid Based Nanotherapeutics will provide perspectives on discovery, isolation and application of RNA from extracellular vesicles with an emphasis on translational aspects of synthetic as well as biological RNA in therapeutic and diagnostic development. The schedule will include short talks that are selected from abstracts submitted by poster presenters. Ample opportunity is provided for extended discussion after each presentation and during the afternoon free time. The 2019 GRC will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) organized by young researchers who are encouraged to also participate in the main conference. A Power Hour discussion during the GRC will be held for both men and women attendees to discuss topics and challenges of diversity and inclusion in the sciences.

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