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Gordon Research Conference — Dendrites: Molecules, Structure and Function

31st March 2019 - 5th April 2019
Ventura, CA, United States


Dendrites play a central role in neuronal computation by integrating thousands of synaptic inputs to generate the output of the neuron in the form of axosomatic action potentials. Advances in molecular, electrophysiological and imaging techniques have led to a rapid enhancement in our understanding of the mechanisms that shape dendritic structure, function and connectivity and the contribution of dendritic computation to behavior. Such multifaceted approaches have further demonstrated the extent to which dendrite structure and function may undergo plastic changes that contribute to development, learning and neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disease. Computational and theoretical approaches have further refined our views of dendrites and their unique role in brain function. This Gordon Research Conference will bring together researchers whose latest findings help clarify how the properties of dendrites enable them to perform complex computations important for sensory-motor processing and higher cognitive function. The conference will be of interest to researchers and students in neuroscience, as well as to anyone interested in normal and abnormal brain function.

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