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ESSIB2018 — Marine Biotechnology (European summer school on industrial biotechnology)

8th October 2018 - 12th October 2018
Naples, Italy


The Marine Biotechnology Summer School will address gaps such as: developing innovative uses of underutilised and waste material from fisheries and aquaculture to achieve zero waste; using biotechnology and information technology to develop smart, efficient, traceable food systems and create synergies between aquaculture and fisheries; unlocking the potential of microbiomes in aquaculture, fisheries, food processing and biotechnology; applying the latest developments in data mining (machine learning, big data) to the Blue Bioeconomy; creating predictive tools to improve the identification and targeting of biodiversity “hot-spots” in the oceans (-omics based technologies); exploring synergies with land-based production in areas such as food and feed processing, biomaterials, chemicals and nutrients and including waste streams from aquatic to terrestrial value chains; improving aquaculture and fisheries by using biotechnology to create innovative feeds, new chemical compounds to be implemented in the pharmaceutical industry.

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