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Course — Auditing and Qualifying Suppliers and Vendors

15th October 2018 - 16th October 2018
Berlin, Germany


The auditing and qualifying training course includes a process for selection, audit, approval and qualification of vendors/suppliers based on the material/equipment/service being delivered. These decisions must be documented and must be based on the impact (risk) to the final product. Regulatory agencies hold companies accountable for delivering high quality products that meet all established requirements and specifications. Suppliers and vendors play a key role in accomplishing these mandates and it is the company-s responsibility to ensure their suppliers/vendors meet all regulatory specifications for the supplied materials, components, equipment and/or services. Initially, the course will discuss the regulatory expectations and other industrial references/ standards that will impact your system and will include the general requirements of a vendor/supplier (outsourcing) control program followed by specific requirements for different types of supplied materials/equipment/services.

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