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Gordon Research Seminar — Chloroplast Biotechnology

5th January 2019 - 6th January 2019
Ventura, CA, United States


The 2019 Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Chloroplast Biotechnology is a 2-day meeting that will take place preceding the associated Gordon Research Conference (GRC). This meeting is an opportunity for graduate students, junior post-doctoral researchers and other scientists with similar level of experience to present and discuss cutting-edge research in the field in a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere. Plant chloroplasts provide a powerful platform for the production a range of different vaccines, industrial enzymes and other valuable biomolecules. Moreover, optimisation of pre-existing pathways and introduction of complex pathways de novo in plastids has been achieved. The ongoing progress in chloroplast biotechnology, however, benefits from a better understanding of the fundamental basis of plastid biology, which allows its precise manipulation for the production of foreign gene products. We welcome scientists working on all aspects of plastid biotechnology – including production of recombinant proteins, recent advances in plastid transformation and engineering photosynthesis – as well as those focusing on fundamental aspects of plastid gene expression and proteostasis. Scientists working on cyanobacteria are also encouraged to participate. Approximately 10 speakers will be selected from abstracts. A keynote talk by a high profile scientist in the field will conclude the meeting.

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