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Gordon Research Conference — Genomic Instability

22nd July 2018 - 27th July 2018
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China


The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Genomic Instability is designed to address both the fundamental mechanisms and translational impact of the cellular pathways that maintain genome stability. Cells continuously experience genome damage that, if not properly corrected, can have a variety of negative consequences, ranging from cell death to uncontrolled oncogenic proliferation. Cutting edge research will be presented on the molecular mechanisms governing genome replication, repair and recombination, chromatin dynamics and chromosomal organization, and signalling pathways responding to DNA lesions. We also cover how these fundamental genome maintenance mechanisms impinge on disease aetiology and aging, and how molecular understanding of DNA repair mechanisms opens novel opportunity for cancer therapy. This GRC thus provides broad coverage of the field of Genomic Instability with a speaker line-up of leading scientist. In addition to top-notch invited speakers, each session will include several selected talks from submitted abstracts. The Genomic Instability GRC will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar for trainees on July 21-22, 2018.

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