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COBRA 2018 — 5th Conference on Constraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis

14th October 2018 - 16th October 2018
Seattle, United States


Metabolic processes and their regulation in response to environmental and genetic perturbations are fundamental to the growth and maintenance of all cells. Linking the genome to its functioning metabolism is therefore of substantial interest in fields ranging from industrial biotechnology to human health. Constraint-based Reconstruction and Analysis (COBRA) has over recent years rapidly expanded and been established as the method of choice for studying cellular metabolism in a global and unbiased fashion. The COBRA 2018 Conference aims to bring together the worldwide COBRA community to discuss latest developments, novel tools and emerging applications in diverse biological research areas, such as metabolic engineering and medicine. The meeting will offer a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and catalyze new, multi-disciplinary collaborations.

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