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Biology Strategy Meeting US West Coast 2018

31st October 2018 - 31st October 2018
San Francisco, United States


Designed to bring the latest innovation and tech updates to business leaders worldwide, Proventa International’s Biology Strategy Meeting offers more value than typical biology conferences. With all delegates pre-qualified by our team, you can be certain to meet and engage only with primary decision makers from top and emerging biotech, pharma, IT and academic organizations. While biology summits and life science conferences put you in front of huge crowds of professionals with varied experiences and seniority, our Biology Strategy Meeting focuses on creating meaningful interactions among director-level executives from the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. If you’ve been attending biology conferences in San Francisco or elsewhere, you know that it can be tough to raise relevant questions or share industry experiences. Not with our Biology Strategy Meeting. In our personalized executive roundtable discussions, delegates dive deep into biology and biotech trends that matter to them. These 60-minute sessions give participating delegates the chance to ask important questions, present case studies and review industry insights with the goal of addressing shared strategic priorities. Another feature you can’t find in biotech conferences is our pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings. Connecting you with professionals from our vast networking of biology and biotech experts in the United States and around the world, these one-to-one sessions aim to help you strategize for your short and long-term goals. Need guidance on toxicology? Looking to implement strategic outsourcing? Contact us today so we can find the right subject matter expert for you!

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