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SaW — International Workshop on Semantic and Web

21st October 2015 - 23rd October 2015
Porto, Portugal


One major aim of the Semantic Web is to enable a machine-processable Web of data. Hence the Semantic Web community regards the Semantic Web as extension of the traditional web. On the other hand applications of the Semantic Web rely deeply on web technologies in order to work in a distributed fashion world-wide. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from these communities to address the challenges in Semantic Web and Web technologies in cooperation. We are especially interested in papers demonstrating how new technologies of the Web and Semantic Web complete each other. We also welcome papers with focus on and contribution to any of the two areas, including new approaches, techniques and applications, with substantial theoretical and empirical contributions to, and significant advancement of the state of the art of Web and/or Semantic Web. 

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