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NPC — International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing

17th September 2015 - 19th September 2015
New York City, United States


The goal of the International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC) is to establish an international forum for engineers and scientists to present their excellent ideas and experiences in system fields of distributed and parallel computing. The event provides a forum for bold and innovative ideas. Big Data, Internet of Things, Smartphones, Youtube, Globally Distributed Databases, Social Networks and more are driving network and parallel computing in new directions. Security and privacy have new importance after break-ins at major retailers and banks, Stuxnet, and the revelations of Edward Snowden. What are the implications for network and parallel computing? NPC seeks early stage work with the potential for major changes in network and parallel computing. Although quantitative assessment is valuable, and NPC welcomes such papers, NPC places yet more value on bold ideas, even if all of the details and corner cases are not yet resolved, or the ideas fully implemented.

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