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CAC — Cloud and Autonomic Computing Conference

21st September 2015 - 25th September 2015
Boston, United States


Enterprise-scale cloud platforms and services systems, present common and cross-cutting challenges in maximizing power efficiency and performance while maintaining predictable and reliable behavior, and at the same time responding appropriately to environmental and system changes such as hardware failures and varying workloads. Autonomic computing systems address the challenges in managing these environments by integrating monitoring, decision-processing and actuation capabilities to autonomously manage resources and applications based on high-level policies. Research in cloud and autonomic computing spans a variety of areas, from computer, architecture, middleware services, databases and data-stores, and networks to machine learning and control theory. The purpose of the International Conference on Cloud and Autonomic Computing (CAC) is to bring together researchers and practitioners across these disciplines to address the multiple facets of self-management in computing systems and applications. Papers are solicited on a broad array of topics of relevance to cloud and autonomic computing and their intersections, particularly those that bear on connections and relationships among different research areas or report on prototype systems or experiences. The goal is to confirm a premier international forum focused on the latest research, applications, and technologies aimed at making cloud and autonomic computing systems and services easy to design, to deploy and to implement, while achieving the simultaneous goals to be self-manageable, self-regulating and scalable with little involvement of human or system administrators. 

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