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TraceSpec 2016 — 15th Workshop on Progress in Trace Metal Speciation for Environmental Analytical Chemistry

4th September 2016 - 7th September 2016
Gdańsk, Poland


Organized by the International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry in cooperation with Gdnžsk University of Technology, Polish Chemical Society, and Committee on Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences Scope & Topics: - Elemental speciation in soil and plant interaction. - Elemental speciation methods of colloids and nano-particles. - Speciation of metal(loid)s in oceanography and freshwaters. - Speciation studies combining several techniques. - Speciation analysis in biological tissues and body fluids. - Speciation analysis in farm to fork and in legislation. - Remediation technologies. - Gene-environment-metal interactions. - Control strategies for heavy metal emissions and deposition. - Nutrient-metal interactions. - QC / QA, reference materials, spectroscopic standards and chemometric data handling. - Total element measurements, down to ultra-trace levels in all sample types using element-specific techniques.  

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