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Interactions between commutative algebra, representation theory and algebraic geometry
19th March 2019   -   23rd March 2019

University of Mnster, Germany

Interactions between commutative algebra representation theory and algebraic geometry


Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Elliptic Cohomology according to Lurie
31st March 2019   -   6th April 2019

Oberwolfach, Germany

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deninger Faltings is a series of meetings in Oberwolfach taking place each year in spring and fall The topic of the next meeting is chosen by democratic vote The stay...


Geometry at Infinity
1st April 2019   -   5th April 2019

M nster, Germany

This is the first of two international conferences representing the full scope of the DFG priority programme Geometry at Infinity a research network in differential geometry geometric topology an...


Higher Dimensional Complex Geometry
1st April 2019   -   4th April 2019

Saarbrucken, Germany

The Workshop brings together experts in higher dimensional Complex Geometry to discuss the latest progress in the field The topics range from recent advances in birational geometry and the classifica...


Priority programme of the DFG — SPP Conference “Geometry at Infinity”
1st April 2019   -   5th April 2019

University of Mnster, Germany

This is the platform of a coordinated research programme in mathematics funded by the German Research Foundation DFG It comprises 33 research projects in the fields of differential geometry geom...


Young Perspectives in Algebraic Geometry II
3rd April 2019   -   5th April 2019

Bayreuth, Germany

The second edition of Young Perspectives in Algebraic Geometry YPAG2 is an international conference which will take place from 3 5 April 2019 at the Mathematisches Institute Universit t Bayreuth...


Mini-Workshop: Reflection Groups in Negative Curvature
7th April 2019   -   13th April 2019

Oberwolfach, Germany

Workshop ID 1915b Organizers Mikhail Belolipetsky Rio de Janeiro Vincent Emery Bern Ruth Kellerhals Fribourg


Workshop on Derivators
9th April 2019   -   12th April 2019

University of Regensburg, Germany

The aim of the Workshop will be to bring together researchers in the theory of derivators and its applications and discuss developments in this research area The Workshop will have both lecture serie...


Algebraic and Geometric Aspects in Quantum Field Theory
16th April 2019   -   18th April 2019

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

The aim of the meeting is to bring together mathematicians working on Quantum Field Theory from different perspectives through the talks by some of the most known and active international researchers ...


Workshop "Computational Applications of Quiver Representations: TDA and QPA"
2nd May 2019   -   4th May 2019

Bielefeld University Bielefeld, Germany

There will be a workshop on computational applications of quiver representations at Bielefeld University The aim of this workshop is to bring together quiver representation theorists and people wo...


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