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Perspectives in Linear Algebraic Groups
19th August 2019   -   23rd August 2019

Ruhr Universitt Bochum Bochum, Germany

This summer school aims at introducing junior researchers to a variety of topics in linear algebraic groups over arbitrary fields with a focus on pseudo reductive groups and unusual behavior over fie...


Summer School: Algebraic Structures in Quantum Field Theory
26th August 2019   -   30th August 2019

Hamburg, Germany

Over the last decades advances in higher category theory have led to a comprehensive framework of higher dimensional algebraic structures ready to be utilized in mathematial and physical applicati...


Hausdorff School on Stability Conditions in Representation Theory
16th September 2019   -   20th September 2019

Bonn, Germany

The summer school is addressed to graduate students and postdocs who are interested in learning about stability conditions and their applications in representation theory of finite dimensional algebra...


24th September 2019   -   25th September 2019

Bielefeld University, Germany

The representation theory group at Bielefeld will celebrate in September 2019 the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Mathematics with a workshop Right after the workshop the Faculty of Mathematics wi...


Outer Space in Bielefeld
24th September 2019   -   26th September 2019

Bielefeld, Germany

The Faculty of Mathematics will host this conference about outer space groups of outer automorphisms of free groups and related topics In addition to the talks there will be a session on open pro...


New Developments in Representation Theory of p-adic Groups
29th September 2019   -   5th October 2019

Oberwolfach, Germany

New Developments in Representation Theory of p adic Groups


International Summer School on L2-Torsion and Symmetric Spaces
30th September 2019   -   4th October 2019

Gttingen, Germany

Symmetric spaces play a central role in geometry analysis and arithmetic due to their inherent rich and beautiful structure A key question is the fascinating interplay between spectral properties ...


Analytic Number Theory
3rd November 2019   -   9th November 2019

Oberwolfach, Germany

Analytic Number Theory


Heat Kernels, Stochastic Processes and Functional Inequalities
17th November 2019   -   23rd November 2019

Oberwolfach, Germany

Heat Kernels Stochastic Processes and Functional Inequalities


Tropicalizing Flag Varieties
28th November 2019   -   30th November 2019

RWTH Aachen University, Germany

The conference Tropicalizing Flag Varieties will take place at the RWTH Aachen University from 28 11 30 11 2019 This workshop is partially supported by the SFB TRR 195 We will start on Thursda...


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