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Workshop — Statistical and Computational Challenges Arising from Ubiquitous Molecular Measurements
9th August 2020   -   14th August 2020

Oaxaca, Mexico

This workshop brings together experts in biology computational biology machine learning and statistics to answer some of the large unsolved problems presented by the explosion of molecular inform...


Workshop — M^5 - Mathematics of Multiphase, Multiscale, Multiphysics Models
16th August 2020   -   21st August 2020

Oaxaca, Mexico

While the traditional processing industries developed in the early 1900 when our ability to solve such complex multiphase flow equations were limited the next generation of processing industries that...


Workshop — Convex Integration and Paradoxical Shapes
30th August 2020   -   4th September 2020

Oaxaca, Mexico

The Banff International Research Station will host the Convex Integration and paradoxical shapes workshop Convex Integration an abstract and powerful theory in mathematics recently allowed to estab...


Workshop — Bases for Cluster Algebras
27th September 2020   -   2nd October 2020

Oaxaca, Mexico

The theory of cluster algebras emerged in the year 2000 as a combinatorial approach to study bases for quantum groups Since then commutative cluster algebras and their quantum deformations have been...


Workshop — Locality and Functoriality in Symplectic Geometry
18th October 2020   -   23rd October 2020

Oaxaca, Mexico

Symplectic geometry concerns symplectic manifolds A key modern tool is an algebraic structure called the Fukaya category which is associated to a single such object Geometric relations between th...


Langlands Program: Number Theory and Representation Theory
29th November 2020   -   4th December 2020

Oaxaca, Mexico

Langlands functoriality conjectures predict a vast generalization of the classical reciprocity laws of Class Field Theory providing crossroads between Number Theory and Representation Theory The con...


Chromatic Homotopy and Algebraic K-Theory
23rd May 2021   -   28th May 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

This workshop focuses on the interaction between algebraic K theory and chromatic homotopy theory Algebraic K theory translates fundamental arithmetic and geometric information about a ring or scheme...


Knots, Surfaces and 3-manifolds
20th June 2021   -   25th June 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

A mathematical knot can be thought of as a piece of knotted string with ends attached This knotted circle is allowed to move freely in space as long as it does not pass through itself In recent year...


Multivariable Operator Theory and Function Spaces in several Variables
1st August 2021   -   6th August 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together specialists in operator theory and complex analysis in several variables with the aim of surveying recent developments and fostering new interactions...


Trends in the Classification of Algebraic Varieties and their Sheaves
8th August 2021   -   13th August 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

This workshop will focus on the results around the classification of algebraic varieties and their sheaves and how they are applied to resolve long standing questions in algebraic geometry


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