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Introductory Workshop: Microlocal Analysis
3rd September 2019   -   6th September 2019

Berkeley California, United States

This workshop will provide a comprehensive introduction to the field for postdocs and graduate students as well as specialists outside the field building up from standard facts about the Fourier tran...


LMFDB as a microscope and a telescope
4th September 2019   -   6th September 2019

American Institute of Mathematics San Jose Calif, United States

The LMFDB contains a wealth of information on L functions modular forms of several types elliptic curves and genus 2 curves number fields and much more In addition to detailed information about ...


Workshop — Recent developments in microlocal analysis
14th October 2019   -   19th October 2019

Berkeley California, United States

Microlocal analysis provides tools for the precise analysis of problems arising in areas such as partial differential equations or integral geometry by working in the phase space i e the cotangent b...


39th SEARCDE — 39th Southeastern Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations
26th October 2019   -   27th October 2019

Daytona Beach, United States

SEARCDE promotes research and education in the field of differential equations by bringing together beginning and established researchers for sharing research experiences exchanging ideas and discus...


Workshop — Holomorphic Differentials in Mathematics and Physics
18th November 2019   -   22nd November 2019

Berkeley California, United States

Holomorphic differentials on Riemann surfaces have long held a distinguished place in low dimensional geometry dynamics and representation theory Recently it has become apparent that they constitute...


PD19 — SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
11th December 2019   -   14th December 2019

La Quinta California , United States

The primary goal of this conference is to bring together scientists and mathematicians working in partial differential equations and related fields Contemporary challenges raised by recent advances i...


35th Annual Shanks Conference and Lecture: Approximation Theory and Beyond
11th May 2020   -   14th May 2020

Nashville, United States

Approximation Theory and Beyond in conjunction with the 35th Shanks Lecture Celebrating Larry Schumaker s 80th Birthday May 11 14 2020 Vanderbilt University Nashville Shanks L...


The 13th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications
5th June 2020   -   9th June 2020

Atlanta, United States

The Conference aims to promote and influence more cooperation understanding and collaboration among scientists working in dynamical systems differential equations and applications The goals of the...


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