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Machine Learning for Physics and the Physics of Learning
4th September 2019   -   8th December 2019

Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics IPAM , United States

Machine Learning ML is quickly providing new powerful tools for physicists and other natural scientists to extract essential information from large amounts of data either from experiments or simula...


AI Conference 2019
9th September 2019   -   10th September 2019

San Jose California, United States

The AI Conference attracts the brightest minds in AI algorithm and perception engineers research and machine learning scientists data scientists and data engineers program and product managers in...


AI Hardware Summit 2019
17th September 2019   -   18th September 2019

Mountain View CA, United States

Join 600 senior technology leaders from AI chip start ups semiconductor companies system vendors OEMs data centers end users financial services investors and fund managers to build a comprehen...


ADT 2019 — 6th International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory
25th October 2019   -   27th October 2027

Durham NC, United States

The ADT 2019 conference focus is on algorithmic decision theory broadly defined seeking to bring together researchers and practitioners coming from diverse areas of Computer Science Economics and Op...


Workshop III: Validation and Guarantees in Learning Physical Models: from Patterns to Governing Equations to Laws of Nature
28th October 2019   -   1st November 2019

UCLA Los Angeles California, United States

Research in physics is often concerned with establishing the governing equations of a dynamical system As systems become increasingly complex and data more abundant machine learning ML is becoming...


ICTAI 2019 — 31st International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence
4th November 2019   -   6th November 2019

Portland Oregon, United States

ICTAI 2019 The IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence ICTAI is a leading Conference of AI in the Computer Society providing a major international forum where the creati...


Workshop IV: Using Physical Insights for Machine Learning
18th November 2019   -   22nd November 2019

Los Angeles CA, United States

In this workshop we will explore how to use physical intuition and ideas to design new classes of machine learning ML algorithms Physics inspired sampling algorithms could be used to train ML struc...


ICMLA 2019 — 18th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications
16th December 2019   -   19th December 2019

Boca Raton FL, United States

The conference provides a leading international forum for the dissemination of original research in ML with emphasis on applications as well as novel algorithms and systems Following the success of ...


23rd January 2020   -   26th January 2020

Seattle WA, United States

For developers by developers AI NEXTCon is one of largest AI community driven technology event specially geared to tech engineers developers data scientists to share learn and practice AI techno...


Rework Deep Learning Summit
30th January 2020   -   31st January 2020

San Francisco CA, United States

Discover advances in deep learning algorithms and methods from the world s leading innovators Learn from industry experts in speech pattern recognition neural networks image analysis and NLP Exp...


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