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DDAC 2019 — Disney Data and Analytics Conference 2019
20th August 2019   -   21st August 2019

Orlando, United States

The Disney Data Analytics Conference 2019 will bring together over 2000 executives managers and analysts representing over 250 companies and universities plus all segments of The Walt Disney Comp...


Machine Learning for Physics and the Physics of Learning
4th September 2019   -   8th December 2019

Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics IPAM , United States

Machine Learning ML is quickly providing new powerful tools for physicists and other natural scientists to extract essential information from large amounts of data either from experiments or simula...


ADT 2019 — 6th International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory
25th October 2019   -   27th October 2027

Durham NC, United States

The ADT 2019 conference focus is on algorithmic decision theory broadly defined seeking to bring together researchers and practitioners coming from diverse areas of Computer Science Economics and Op...


Workshop III: Validation and Guarantees in Learning Physical Models: from Patterns to Governing Equations to Laws of Nature
28th October 2019   -   1st November 2019

UCLA Los Angeles California, United States

Research in physics is often concerned with establishing the governing equations of a dynamical system As systems become increasingly complex and data more abundant machine learning ML is becoming...


Minitrack on Intelligent Decision Support for Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the 53rd HICSS
7th January 2020   -   10th January 2020

Grand Wailea Maui Hawaii, United States

HICSS is the longest standing scientific conference in the information systems and technology field Since 1968 it has attracted high caliber scholars and professionals in academia industry and gove...


Intersections between Control, Learning and Optimization
24th February 2020   -   28th February 2020

Los Angeles CA, United States

Relationships between the areas of control learning and optimization have always been strong but have recently been expanding and deepening in surprising ways Optimization formulations and algorit...


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