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43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly and Associated Events
15th August 2020   -   15th August 2020

Sydney Australia, Australia

43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly


COSPAR2020 — Unifying planetary system formation out of elementary building blocks: from dust, gas and ice to our Solar System and exoplanets
15th August 2020   -   22nd August 2020

Sydney, Australia

The 2020 Assembly will combine the latest in space research findings with activities designed to enrich the global space research community including helping equip our future leaders and workshoppi...


15th August 2020   -   22nd August 2020

Sydney, Australia

Powered by accretion onto super massive black holes SMBH Active Galactic Nuclei AGN jets represent the extreme and largest members of a wide family of jet powered phenomena including gamma r...


Astronomy School 2020 — GROWTH Astronomy School on Multi-wavelength Followup of Transients
16th August 2020   -   18th August 2020

Liverpool, United Kingdom

The school is designed to offer a comprehensive training to graduate and advanced undergraduate students in observational techniques and tools for follow up of transient events at X ray UV optical ...


Star Formation: From Clouds to Discs. A Tribute to the Career of Lee Hartmann
17th August 2020   -   20th August 2020

Malahide, Ireland

This conference will celebrate the career of Lee Hartmann who has made enormous contributions to our field during his productive life For over 3 decades Lee has been a leading pioneer in characteriz...


Cosmic Dust
17th August 2020   -   21st August 2020

Kitakyushu, Japan

Cosmic dust is omnipresent yet kaleidoscopic As a result the universe contains various types of cosmic dust and the field of cosmic dust research is manifold Accordingly an interdisciplinary rese...


Summer School — Formation and evolution of planetary systems and habitable planets
19th August 2020   -   26th August 2020

Torun, Poland

The idea behind the school is to gather people from different backgrounds incl astronomy geology biology physics journalism and teaching and provide them with the opportunity to work in multidi...


IAU365 — IAU Symposium 365: Dynamics of solar and stellar convection zones and atmospheres
25th August 2020   -   29th August 2020

Moscow, Russia

The Symposium will bring together solar and stellar physicists investigating the dynamics of convection zones and lower atmospheres It will be dedicated to observational and theoretical aspects of th...


AKAG2020 — Entscheidende Ereignisse/Entdeckungen für innovative Entwicklungen in der Astronomie
30th August 2020   -   31st August 2020

Berlin, Germany

In der Geschichte der Wissenschaften allgemein sowie in der Astronomiegeschichte speziell gab es zu allen Zeiten und gibt es bis heute Entdeckungen und Erfindungen die richtungsweisenden Charakter f ...


Moduli spaces and motives
31st August 2020   -   4th September 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

Moduli spaces and motives


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