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The life and death of star-forming galaxies
18th March 2019   -   18th March 2019

Scarborough Perth Western Australia, Australia

The physical processes driving the evolution of galaxies across the stellar mass vs star formation rate plane remain elusive Through decades of multi wavelength surveys we have made tremendous prog...


'Barefoot EoR': The first billion years of the Universe
14th July 2019   -   14th July 2019

Fitzroy Island Resort Queensland, Australia

The past few years have seen continued progress in our ability to observe and characterize the very early universe within the first one billion years of cosmic history before the end of cosmic reioniz...


Great Barriers in Planet Formation
21st July 2019   -   21st July 2019

Palm Cove Queensland, Australia

We are made of dust How does this dust collect in protoplanetary discs to form planets like the Earth and people like us Since 2013 high resolution observations of protoplanetary discs have been ...


43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly and Associated Events
15th August 2020   -   15th August 2020

Sydney Australia, Australia

43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly


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