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Exploring the Infrared Universe: The Promise of SPICA
20th May 2019   -   20th May 2019

Crete, Greece

The infrared wavelength range is key to understand the origin of galaxies stars and planets The SPICA mission thanks to its large cold mirror and exquisite set of instruments will revolutionise t...


Supernova Remnants II: An Odyssey in Space after Stellar Death
3rd June 2019   -   8th June 2019

Chania Crete, Greece

Following the success of the conference on Supernova Remnants in 2016 a consensus was reached to hold regular meetings on the topic The Institute for Astronomy Astrophysics Space Applications Re...

National Obsevatory of Athens


Zooming in on Star Formation
9th June 2019   -   9th June 2019

Nafplio, Greece

The conference is intended to celebrate the rich career of Professor ke Nordlund Niels Bohr Institute University of Copenhagen Denmark and in particular his contributions to the field of star fo...


ICNFP 2019 — 8th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics
1st July 2019   -   20th July 2019

Kolymbari, Greece

ICNFP 2019 8th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics


Crete III - Through dark lanes to new stars - Celebrating the career of Prof. Charles Lada
23rd September 2019   -   23rd September 2019

Crete, Greece

The Crete NATO Advanced Study Institutes on Star Formation in 1990 and 1998 organized by Charles Lada and Nick Kylafis were a landmark in the development of the star and planet formation community ...


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