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1st International Conference on Modeling, Machine Learning and Astronomy
21st November 2019   -   21st November 2019

Bangalore, India

Optimizing deep neural networks is largely thought to be an empirical process requiring manual tuning of several parameters The conference aims to focus on gaining theoretical insights in the computa...


International Conference on Gravitation & Cosmology (ICGC)
10th December 2019   -   10th December 2019

IISER Mohali, India

The 9th International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology ICGC will be hosted by the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali IISERM during December 10 13 2019 ICGC me...

International Conference on Observing The First Billion Years of the Universe Using Next Generation Telescopes
20th January 2020   -   24th January 2020

Indore, India

During the first billion years of its life the Universe has gone through one of its most remarkable phase changes known as the Cosmic Dawn and the Epoch of Reionization CD EoR This era constitute...


MODEST 20: Dense Star Clusters in the Era of Large Surveys
2nd February 2020   -   2nd February 2020

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai, India

The study of the evolution of massive star clusters connects a variety of research areas in astrophysics and has implications for our understanding in cosmological star formation galaxy formation and...


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