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The Cosmic Web in the Local Universe
27th January 2020   -   31st January 2020

Leiden, Netherlands

How unique is our local cosmic neighbourhood Can we describe the local cosmic landscape and compare it to regions further afield How has our cosmic environment affected the growth of our Galaxy an...


Tackling the Complexities of Substellar Objects: From Brown Dwarfs to (exo-)Planets
10th February 2020   -   14th February 2020

Leiden, Netherlands

a Get to know the four communities and their methods b Exchange knowledge and methods c Start join projects observation proposals ideas for papers etc


Dynamical Reconstruction of Galaxies
17th February 2020   -   21st February 2020

Leiden, Netherlands

The emergence of Integral Field Unit IFU data has been transformative for our understanding of the internal structure of galaxies Where once galaxy structure could only be inferred through images ...


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