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The New Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
25th March 2019   -   25th March 2019

Groningen, Netherlands

ASTERICS is a 4 year project that brings together researchers scientists engineers hardware and software specialists from astronomy astrophysics and astro particle physics In these fields new in...


The Gaia Universe
8th April 2019   -   8th April 2019

ESTEC Noordwijk, Netherlands

Gaia DR2 took place on 25 April 2018 The scientific community has since been using the data intensively exploring topics ranging from the Solar System to quasars In the first month after the release...


Geospatial Week 2019 (GSW)
10th June 2019   -   14th June 2019

Enschede, Netherlands

One of the important targets of ISPRS is to permanently improve quality of the science results presented at any ISPRS events ISPRS proceedings are the main scientific result of these meetings For...


From winds to jets: the role of outflows in compacts binaries
1st July 2019   -   1st July 2019

Amsterdam the Netherlands, Netherlands

Welcome to the website for the Outflows 2019 Workshop taking place in Amsterdam NL from 1 3 July 2019 We expect to have 20 solicited talks and 30 contributed talks on diverse topics which include ...


Advancing Theoretical Astrophysics
15th July 2019   -   15th July 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Attendees will learn and employ a variety of computational numerical methods for problem solving as well as build essential complementary skills such as data visualisation public speaking proposal ...


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