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The Milky Way in the Gaia Era
27th January 2019   -   27th January 2019

Saas Fee Valais, Switzerland

The invited lecturers are James Binney Rosine Lallement Justin Read and Jason Sanders The course will be in flipped classroom style That is to say the main lecture material will be available ...


12th INTEGRAL conference, 1st AHEAD gamma-ray workshop
11th February 2019   -   11th February 2019

Geneva, Switzerland

On August 17 2017 a new era of astronomy was inaugurated by a short gamma ray burst accompanying the gravitational wave GW170817 detected by LIGO VIRGO While the neutrinos from SN1987a had been a ...


Extreme Precision in Radial Velocity IV
18th March 2019   -   18th March 2019

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Following the tradition of previous workshops organised in Penn State and Yale this fourth opus will dig into the instrumental and data analysis challenges required to enable the detection of an Eart...


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