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Fortbildungsveranstaltung — Gentechnikrecht: Gefährdungspotentiale, Sicherheitsmaßnahmen und Rechtsvorschriften
2nd December 2019   -   3rd December 2019

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Anerkannte Fortbildungsveranstaltung zur Erlangung der Sachkunde nach 15 2 der Gentechniksicherheitsverordung f r Projektleiter und Beauftragte f r biologische Sicherheit


Kurs — Praxisleitfaden für Projektleiter und Beuftragte für Biologische Sicherheit
4th December 2019   -   4th December 2019

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Wir beantworten Ihre Fragen rund um das Gentechnikgesetz und andere Gesetze und Verordnungen des Arbeitsschutzes Unser Ziel Effektives Management gentechnischer Anlagen


PRAXISforum Enzymes for Industrial Applications
4th February 2020   -   5th February 2020

DECHEMA Haus Frankfurt Main, Germany

Enzymes are considered to be little miracle substances for innovation process advantages and cost reductions Whether in the food industry pharmaceutical industry textiles detergents biorefinerie...


Living Materials 2020
12th February 2020   -   14th February 2020

Saarbrcken, Germany

A new paradigm in material synthesis is emerging in which living cells are used as active components in man made materials to augment non living matter with life like capabilities Living Material...


Future3DAM — Future 3D Additive Manufacturing – the 3DMM2O Conference 2020: 3D Hybrid Organotypic Systems
29th March 2020   -   2nd April 2020

Schntal, Germany

The conference aims to foster discussions on innovative and interdisciplinary approaches in the fields of 3D bioprinting tissue engineering neuronal organoids and especially in development and phys...


Himmelfahrtstagung 2020
18th May 2020   -   20th May 2020

Mainz, Germany

Over the last years the Himmelfahrtstagung has developed from the most important event of the German bioprocess community into an international hot spot for biotechnologists and process enginee...


2020 Annual MLZ Conference: Neutrons for Life Sciences
16th June 2020   -   19th June 2020

Lenggries, Germany

Life Sciences is a rapidly expanding field in the use of neutrons The number of users at the Heinz Maier Leibnitz Zentrum MLZ performing experiments related to life sciences is constantly growing ...


ECCE13 & ECAB6 2021 — 13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology
19th September 2021   -   23rd September 2021

Berlin, Germany

13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology


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