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9ICPDP 2020 — 9th International Conference on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas
25th May 2020   -   29th May 2020

Moscow, Russia

The history of ICPDP started in 1996 in Goa India as a response to growing interest in the topics of dusty plasmas when the liquid and crystalline plasma was discovered We continue a series of Int...


TOE III: from Solar System to Exoplanets
1st June 2020   -   5th June 2020

Lamego Douro Valley, Portugal

Atmosphere Interior formation and evolution of planets and planetary systems The Solar System Planets and Exoplanets communities aim at answering similar questions but seldom interact due to the d...


1st June 2020   -   26th June 2020

Garching, Germany

The collective properties of the currently known 4000 extrasolar planets have left no doubt that planetary systems come in a variety of sizes and orbital configurations These diverse characteristic...


CSNDD2020 — Fifth Conference on Structural Nonlinear Dynamics and Diagnosis
21st June 2020   -   24th June 2020

Marrakech, Morocco

The International Committee together with the nonlinear dynamic group in Casablanca are pleased to announce the organization of the Fifth Conference on Structural Nonlinear Dynamics and Diagnosis CSN...


Chromosomes: Organization, Function and Dynamics
22nd June 2020   -   25th June 2020

UC Santa Barbara, United States

Continuing rapid development in the field of chromatin biology has lately attracted enormous interest among biologists physicists and mathematicians Recently the static structure of the folded geno...


21st IFAC World Congress — International Federation of Automatic Control
12th July 2020   -   17th July 2020

Berlin, Germany

Every three years the international automatic control community meets to exchange and discuss the newest research ndings in the broad eld of systems control and automation With several thousan...


8th European Congress of Mathematics — Integrable systems in geometry and mathematical physics: a conference in honour of Boris Dubrovin's 70th birthday
14th July 2020   -   19th July 2020

SISSA Trieste, Italy

The notion of integrable system in classical mechanics dates back to Joseph Liouville 1809 1882 and has an illustrious and long history The modern resurgence of activity was spurred by the analysis...


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