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FLUKA Advanced Course and Workshop
18th November 2019   -   22nd November 2019

Paris, France

The course will help professionals working in the Monte Carlo radiation transport fields to understand the various functions and attributes of the code


RAEMP2019 — Recent Advances in Engineering Math. & Physics
25th December 2019   -   27th December 2019

Cairo, Egypt

The conference focuses on the recent advances in the theoretical and applied mathematical analysis mechanics and physics in engineering The RAEMP conference serves as a platform for the entire comm...


Total Energy and Force — Workshop on Computational Physics and Material Science
8th January 2020   -   10th January 2020

San Sebastian, Spain

The main objective of this event is to identify new developments and topics in the field of electronic structure methods from the first principles perspective their diverse applications and its math...


2020 Power Plant Simulation Conference
12th January 2020   -   16th January 2020


The 2020 Power Plant Simulation Conference PowerPlantSim 20 is an annual conference sponsored by The Society for Modeling and Simulation International SCS This conference focuses on the special...


Tidal Disruptions in Kyoto: Confronting Theory with Observations
14th January 2020   -   16th January 2020

Kyoto, Japan

Theory of the tidal disruption process Multi wavelength observations of TDEs Relativistic jets outflows and non thermal emissions in TDEs General relativistic physics in TDEs Multi mes...


International Molecule-type Workshop: "Tidal Disruption Events: General Relativistic Transients"
14th January 2020   -   25th January 2020

Kyoto, Japan

In this workshop we invite young to established career scientists with demonstrated leadership in TDEs aiming to foster collaboration on a global scale We focus our attention on GR effects in TDE ...


International Conference on Observing The First Billion Years of the Universe Using Next Generation Telescopes
20th January 2020   -   24th January 2020

Indore, India

During the first billion years of its life the Universe has gone through one of its most remarkable phase changes known as the Cosmic Dawn and the Epoch of Reionization CD EoR This era constitute...


ICCMS 2020 — 12th International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation
26th February 2020   -   28th February 2020

Brisbane, Australia

The 12th International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation is the main annual research conference aims to bring together researchers around the world to exchange research results and addres...


The Shifting Paradigm of Stellar Convection from Mixing Length Concepts to Realistic Turbulence Modeling
2nd March 2020   -   27th March 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

Understanding stellar convection is of crucial importance to many fields of stellar astrophysics For example the generation and maintenance of differential rotation and large scale magnetic fields i...


Cloud Academy II
8th March 2020   -   8th March 2020

Les Houches School of Physics St andrews, United Kingdom

Clouds and hazes form in nearly every type of planetary atmospheres They fundamentally impact the atmospheric structure and spectra of exoplanets and even influence their habitability Intensive obse...


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