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Low-dimensional and Complex Dynamics
2nd December 2019   -   6th December 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland

Low dimensional and Complex Dynamics


5th December 2019   -   15th December 2019


Course 1 Introduction to metric geometry and to Hilbert and Funk geometries Athanase PAPADOPOULOS Institut de Recherche Math matique Avanc e Universit de Strasbourg et CNRS France Cours...


Theory of function spaces and related topics
9th December 2019   -   11th December 2019

Kyoto University, Japan

Organizer Katsuo Matsuoka College of Economics Nihon University


Bifurcation and stability in complex dynamics
9th December 2019   -   13th December 2019

Kyoto University, Japan

Bifurcation and stability in complex dynamics


IHP Winter School — Categorifications, Moduli Spaces and Representation Theory
6th January 2020   -   10th January 2020

CIRM Luminy, France

Representation theory is the study of the basic symmetries of mathematics and physics Recently it has known some spectacular developments thanks to the introduction of new technics such as categori...


AIM Workshop: K-stability and related topics
6th January 2020   -   10th January 2020

American Institute of Mathematics San Jose, United States

This workshop sponsored by AIM and the NSF will be devoted to reviewing recent progress on K stability of Fano varieties with an emphasis on the the algebraic theory The organizing theme will be to...


Winter Graduate School in Toric Topology
13th January 2020   -   17th January 2020

Montreal, Canada

Two intensive mini courses will be given over one week by experts on polyhedral products and toric topology These are designed to give graduate students and early career researchers in nearby fields ...


YGGT IX — Young geometric group theory IX
24th February 2020   -   28th February 2020

Saint Jacut de la mer, France

The workshop intentionally focusses on only four main speakers giving a 4 hour mini course each Their lectures are supposed to present a panoramic overview over some important developments in their f...


Long Program — High Dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs
9th March 2020   -   12th June 2020

Los Angeles CA, United States

Applications that involve HJ PDEs in a high dimensional and possibly infinite dimensional setting lead to challenging computational problems Although a large literature is available on HJ PDEs man...


High Dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs — Workshop I: High Dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi Methods in Control and Differential Games
30th March 2020   -   3rd April 2020

Los Angeles CA, United States

Ideas to be explored in the workshop include different computational methodologies for efficient real time solution of nonlinear HJ equations in reachability optimal control and differential games ...


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