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Spring Graduate School on Polyhedral Products in Geometric Group Theory
20th May 2020   -   22nd May 2020

Montreal, Canada

Two mini courses will be given by experts in Geometric Group Theory These are designed to give graduate students and early career researchers a research level perspective on how and why Polyhedral Pr...


Statistics for Topological and Discrete Data
25th May 2020   -   29th May 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland

Topological and discrete data such as trees and networks constitute strongly non Euclidean structures often beyond the reach of traditional statistical tools Their analysis is often challenged by co...


Index Theory and Complex Geometry
1st June 2020   -   26th June 2020

Singapore, Singapore

Interactions between people working in Index Theory and Complex Geometry are increasing One of the reasons is that although researchers use different tools and techniques their studies have profound...


Simons Collaboration — Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, and Computation III
1st June 2020   -   5th June 2020

Providence RI, United States

Our common perspective is that advances in computational techniques accelerate research in arithmetic geometry and number theory both as a source of data and examples and as an impetus for effective...


Geometrical Statistics and Functional Data
22nd June 2020   -   26th June 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland

Important classes of functional data such as random measures and random operators are intrinsically constrained and need to be represented as elements of suitable non Euclidean spaces such as Hilbe...


G2G2-Summer School — Graphs and Groups, Geometries and GAP
29th June 2020   -   4th July 2020

Rogla, Slovenia

G2G2 Summer School is associated with G2G2 Minisymposia of 8ECM It belongs to the G2 series that are about strong and beautiful mathematics especially those involving group actions on combinatorial ...


Causal Inference with Big Data
29th June 2020   -   10th July 2020

Singapore, Singapore

Causal inference is the study of quantifying whether a treatment policy or an intervention denoted as A has a causal effect on an outcome interest denoted as Y What distinguishes a causal effect...


Algebraic Combinatorics Kraków 2020 — Summer school in algebraic combinatorics Kraków 2020
6th July 2020   -   10th July 2020

Cracow, Poland

Each of three main courses consists of 5 hours of lectures and 1 hour of exercises


Workshop Euro-Maghreb sur les équations d'évolution et applications — Euro-Maghreb Workshop on Evolution Equations and Applications
6th July 2020   -   10th July 2020

CIRM Luminy, France

Workshop Euro Maghreb sur les quations d volution et applications Euro Maghreb Workshop on Evolution Equations and Applications


8th European Congress of Mathematics — Combinatorial Designs and Codes
12th July 2020   -   17th July 2020

Rijeka, Croatia

The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers interested in combinatorial designs algebraic combinatorics finite geometry graphs and their applications to communication and cryptogra...


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