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EMBO Practical Course: FISHing for RNAs: Classical to Single Molecule Approaches
15th March 2020   -   20th March 2020

Heidelberg, Germany

Over the past decades it became evident that a RNA transcripts specific amount and localisation are important in order to understand the biological function of its non coding gene Whereby state of...


Summer School: The Arithmetic of the Langlands Program
11th May 2020   -   15th May 2020

Bonn, Germany

The Langlands program aims to relate systems of polynomial equations with integer coefficients to automorphic forms i e functions on symmetric spaces with a large number of discrete symmetries T...


Workshop — Cohomology of Finite Groups: Interactions and Applications
9th August 2020   -   15th August 2020

Oberwolfach, Germany

Workshop Cohomology of Finite Groups Interactions and Applications


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