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Nonlinear Hyperbolic Problems: modeling, analysis, and numerics
19th May 2019   -   25th May 2019

Oberwolfach, Germany

Organized by Rinaldo M Colombo Brescia Philippe G LeFloch Paris Christian Rohde Stuttgart Konstantina Trivisa College Park


Cryptography meets Graph Theory
29th July 2019   -   2nd August 2019

Wrzburg, Germany

The focus of this summer school is on recent developments in cryptography graph theory and their intersection Topics are the distribution of products of two distinct prime numbers as they are use...


Geometric, Algebraic, and Topological Combinatorics
25th August 2019   -   31st August 2019

Oberwolfach, Germany

Geometric Algebraic and Topological Combinatorics


Hausdorff School on Stability Conditions in Representation Theory
16th September 2019   -   20th September 2019

Bonn, Germany

The summer school is addressed to graduate students and postdocs who are interested in learning about stability conditions and their applications in representation theory of finite dimensional algebra...


New Developments in Representation Theory of p-adic Groups
29th September 2019   -   5th October 2019

Oberwolfach, Germany

New Developments in Representation Theory of p adic Groups


International Summer School on L2-Torsion and Symmetric Spaces
30th September 2019   -   4th October 2019

Gttingen, Germany

Symmetric spaces play a central role in geometry analysis and arithmetic due to their inherent rich and beautiful structure A key question is the fascinating interplay between spectral properties ...


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