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Dynamical Systems - Summer School
26th August 2019   -   30th August 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland

The summer school will provide courses from experts in the areas of the scope of the program Dynamics with Structures It is intended to provide surveys of modern directions in the theory of dynam...


TRIP 2019 — Topics in Rational and Integral Points
2nd September 2019   -   13th September 2019

Basel, Switzerland

The purpose of this two weeks meeting is to bring together people working on rational and integral points in a broad sense Topics include but are not restricted to connections to analysis analytic n...


Dynamics, Geometry and Combinatorics
21st October 2019   -   25th October 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland

This workshop brings together dynamicists who use techniques from and are motivated by combinatorics geometry and number theory The topics cover a broad swath of dynamics including ergodic theo...


Low-dimensional and Complex Dynamics
2nd December 2019   -   6th December 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland

Low dimensional and Complex Dynamics


Statistics for Indirectly Measured Functional Data
30th March 2020   -   3rd April 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland

Functional data such as space curves images and surfaces are seldom sensed directly curves are often noisily and discretely sampled images are subject to blurring and deformation and surfaces are...


Functional Data over Multidimensional Domains
27th April 2020   -   1st May 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland

Spatio temporal modelling central to many modern applications but the dimensionality of the domain of such data poses both conceptual and computational statistical challenges These are exacerbated i...


Statistics for Topological and Discrete Data
25th May 2020   -   29th May 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland

Topological and discrete data such as trees and networks constitute strongly non Euclidean structures often beyond the reach of traditional statistical tools Their analysis is often challenged by co...


Geometrical Statistics and Functional Data
22nd June 2020   -   26th June 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland

Important classes of functional data such as random measures and random operators are intrinsically constrained and need to be represented as elements of suitable non Euclidean spaces such as Hilbe...


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