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MMAP 2021 — Multi siderei NUNCII Multimessenger astronomy
31st May 2021   -   4th June 2021

Lake Como, Italy

In 2015 the birth of a new astronomy revealed to us a yet unknown Universe where pairs of stellar black holes in collision create violent disturbances in the curvature of space time that reach us as ...


MCQM21 Third School and Workshop — Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics
14th June 2021   -   20th June 2021

Como, Italy

The aim of the meeting is to present the state of the art in some challenging open problems in Quantum Mechanics from the point of view of Mathematical Physics It is addressed to young people interes...


MOFschool2021 — 2nd International School on Porous Materials
21st June 2021   -   25th June 2021

Lake Como, Italy

Metal organic Frameworks MOFs and Covalent organic Frameworks COFs are advanced porous materials deriving from the self assembly of organic inorganic and organic organic building units In the p...


PSI Master School 2021
21st June 2021   -   25th June 2021

Villigen, Switzerland

Please find below a list of international conferences workshops and schools related to the methods and scientific topics of the PSI user facilities The calendar does not claim to be complete but is ...


ICNS 2021 — International Conference on Neutron Scattering 2021
4th July 2021   -   8th July 2021

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The ICNS 2021 will be the largest international platform for sharing and exchanging the latest exciting advances in neutron scattering science


EBSS2021 — 19th Exotic Beam Summer School
12th July 2021   -   16th July 2021

South Bend IN, United States

The nineteenth installment of the Exotic Beam Summer School EBSS2022 will be hosted by the Nuclear Science Laboratory of the University of Notre Dame in Summer 2022 The summer school will introduce...


Siegman International School on Lasers
17th July 2021   -   24th July 2021

Chciny, Poland

The OSA Foundation will host the All Stars Virtual Siegman School on 19 23 July 2021 All past Siegman School students are invited to attend as well as those accepted to the 2020 school Applications...


International School on The Interstellar Medium of Galaxies, from the Epoch of Reionization to the Milky Way
19th July 2021   -   23rd July 2021

Banyuls sur Mer, France

This international school will offer an overview of the observational constraints the interpretative tools and the theoretical frameworks used for studying the interstellar medium in galaxies from th...


IFAS7 - Indo-French Astronomy School - Spectroscopy: Treasures in the voxels
29th July 2021   -   6th August 2021

Pune, India

The IFAS7 school will bring together students from different horizons expose them to high level specialized lectures and propose them to carry on a eigh days research project The title of the prese...


TSI 2020 — Quantum Computing and Machine Learning for Science and Technology Summer School
3rd August 2021   -   14th August 2021

Vancouver BC, Canada

The upcoming TRIUMF Summer Institute TSI 2020 on Quantum Computing and Machine Learning for Science and Technology will be held at TRIUMF in Vancouver BC Canada from August 3rd to August 14th 2020...


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