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Sums of Squares Method in Geometry, Combinatorics and Optimization
13th July 2020   -   24th July 2020

Berkeley California, United States

The study of nonnegative polynomials and sums of squares is a classical area of real algebraic geometry dating back to Hilbert s 17th problem It also has rich connections to real analysis via duality...


Siegman International School on Lasers
18th July 2020   -   25th July 2020

University of Warsaw Chciny, Poland

The Siegman International School is a week long program that exposes students to in depth learning of lasers and their applications from internationally recognized academic and industry leaders in the...


The 22nd International Conferemce on Ultrafast Phenomena
19th July 2020   -   24th July 2020

Huangpu Shanghai, China

The Ultrafast Phenomena Conferences are held every two years and are widely recognized as the premier and main international forum for gathering the community of scientists and engineers working in re...


2020 Sagan Summer Workshop on Extreme Precision Radial Velocity
20th July 2020   -   24th July 2020

Pasadena California, United States

The Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshops are held annually and provide opportunities for students postdocs and researchers to learn about the engineering and scientific application of exoplanet related ...


Cosmology 2020 in Duino
20th July 2020   -   25th July 2020

Duino Trieste, Italy

Cosmology offers today one of the most important frontiers of physics The mystery of dark matter and the puzzle of dark energy are still outstanding On the observational side there is an exponenti...


20th July 2020   -   31st July 2020

Antofagasta, Chile

The goal of the workshop is to develop interesting scientific projects guided by experts of missions as New Horizons Juno Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter Hayabusa 2 MAVEN an...


Applied Industrial Optics
20th July 2020   -   22nd July 2020

Washington District of Columbia, United States

Applied Industrial Optics AIO is a multidisciplinary meeting that focuses on innovative photonics research and its commercial impact AIO brings together industry professionals with experience in ov...


IIS2020 — 11th ITER International School: The Impact and Consequences of Energetic Particles on Fusion Plasmas
20th July 2020   -   24th July 2020

Aix en Provence, France

The subject of this year s school is The Impact and Consequences of Energetic Particles on Fusion Plasmas As the start of ITER operations approaches it is timely to address this multidiscipl...


57th Culham Plasma Physics Summer School
20th July 2020   -   31st July 2020

Culham, United Kingdom

The Summer School is intended to give the students an introduction to the fundamentals of plasma physics together with an appreciation of how these are related to applications such as Magnetic Confine...


Polytech Summer Energy Summer School
20th July 2020   -   7th August 2020

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Polytech Summer Energy Summer School will be Online


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