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Cosmology 2020 in Duino
20th July 2020   -   25th July 2020

Duino Trieste, Italy

Cosmology offers today one of the most important frontiers of physics The mystery of dark matter and the puzzle of dark energy are still outstanding On the observational side there is an exponenti...


TMAG2020 — Trends in Magnetism
7th September 2020   -   11th September 2020

Cefal Palermo, Italy

The scope of the conference is to furnish the trends and the main challenges to face in a wide range of magnetism related topics both fundamental and applied Some sessions will review the latest adv...


MCQM21 Third School and Workshop — Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics
14th June 2021   -   20th June 2021

Como, Italy

The aim of the meeting is to present the state of the art in some challenging open problems in Quantum Mechanics from the point of view of Mathematical Physics It is addressed to young people interes...


School of Solid State Physics: Dynamics of Electrons in Atomic and Molecular Nanoclusters
24th October 2021   -   30th October 2021

Erice, Italy

Electron dynamics governs a wide range of important effects in nanoscience Nanoclusters as important testbed systems for exploring and developing quantum size effects novel materials and reaction...


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