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EMBO|EMBL Symposium: Reconstructing the Human Past - Using Ancient and Modern Genomics
31st March 2019   -   3rd April 2019

Heidelberg, Germany

The study of population genetic variation and the sequencing of ancient DNA represent promising new avenues for investigating human history and our evolutionary past Population scale sequencing proje...


EMBL Course: Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics with R/Bioconductor
1st April 2019   -   5th April 2019

Heidelberg, Germany

This beginner level course provides a basic training in statistical bioinformatics analysis using R and Bioconductor The course topics include an introduction to R and Bioconductor exploration of da...


Chromatin and Epigenetics: Inheritance and Design
1st April 2019   -   3rd April 2019

Munich, Germany

This exciting three day conference bridges chromatin mechanisms and epigenetic phenomena two key pillars of modern biology The conference will cover the latest advances in the chromatin field rang...


American College Of Medical Genetics and Genomics Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting 2019
2nd April 2019   -   6th April 2019

Seattle Washington, United States

The Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting is hosted by The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics ACMG The meeting offers the opportunity for the medical genetics community to come together a...


Gordon Research Conference — Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics
7th April 2019   -   12th April 2019

Lucca Barga , Italy

The 2019 Conference on Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics will focus on newly emerging aspects of the field including the genetic heterogeneity of cancer the long tail of less frequent cancer muta...


EMBO Workshop — Genome dynamics in neuroscience and aging
7th April 2019   -   11th April 2019

Herzliya, Israel

Genome stability which is essential for cellular homeostasis relies primarily on the DNA damage response network Genome stability is also essential to the proper functioning of the nervous system ...


EMBO Practical Course — The 2019 whole-cell modeling summer school
7th April 2019   -   13th April 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Whole cell models that predict phenotype from genotype by representing all of the biochemical activity inside cells are needed to advance biology bioengineering and medicine Achieving whole cell mo...


ECN2019 — The European Conference on Neuroinflammation - Basic and Clinical Concepts
8th April 2019   -   9th April 2019

London, United Kingdom

The European Conference on Neuroinflammation Basic and Clinical Concepts ECN2019 held in association with the Oxford Centre for Neuroinflammation is the first in a series of annual events that wi...


EMBO|EMBL Symposium: Probing Neural Dynamics with Behavioural Genetics
10th April 2019   -   13th April 2019

Heidelberg, Germany

One of the ultimate challenges in neuroscience is to link the dynamics of brain activity to behaviour Cutting edge experimental methodologies such as calcium imaging multi electrode recordings and o...


10th April 2019   -   12th April 2019

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

As we believe in a different way of learning which is HANDS ON PRACTICAL SESSIONS our workshops are unique because participants perform on their own computer laptop on software servers so it is pract...


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