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German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB) 2020
17th September 2020   -   17th September 2020

DECHEMA Haus Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The German Conference on Bioinformatics GCB is an annual international conference devoted to all areas of bioinformatics and meant as a platform for the whole bioinformatics community Recent meeti...


RNA-Seq Data Analysis Workshop
21st September 2020   -   24th September 2020

Leipzig, Germany

The purpose of this workshop is to get a deeper understanding in Next Generation Sequencing NGS with a special focus on bioinformatics issues Advantages and disadvantages of current sequencing tech...


EMBL Conference: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology
15th November 2020   -   18th November 2020

Heidelberg, Germany

The main objective of this conference is to bring people together from diverse disciplines to exchange ideas promote cross disciplinary collaborations and to form a synthesis of appropriate systems l...


EMBL Course: Single-Cell Omics
15th November 2020   -   21st November 2020

Heidelberg, Germany

The analysis of single cells advances research in many fields To properly deal with such minute amounts of sample each step of the workflow is critical from sampling to data analysis Additionally ...


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