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Higher dimensional geometry in NYC
13th May 2021   -   15th May 2021

Stony Brook, United States

Higher dimensional geometry in NYC


Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR Geometry
16th May 2021   -   21st May 2021

Hangzhou, China

Conformal geometry is the study of properties of spaces and mappings which depend on the measurement of angles but not of lengths An example is the stereographic projection mapping from a sphere to a...


Workshop on Manifold and Graph-Based Learning
25th May 2021   -   28th May 2021

The Fields Institute Toronto Ontario, Canada

Workshop on Manifold and Graph Based Learning


Diophantine Geometry and L functions
7th June 2021   -   11th June 2021

CIRM Marseille Luminy , France

Diophantine Geometry and L functions


BLAST 2021
9th June 2021   -   13th June 2021

Las Cruces NM online, United States

BLAST is a conference series focusing on Boolean Algebras Lattices Algebraic and Quantum logic Universal Algebra Set Theory Set theoretic and Point free Topology


Enumerative Geometry of Surfaces
13th June 2021   -   19th June 2021

Oberwolfach, Germany

Enumerative Geometry of Surfaces


Workshop on Real Algebraic Geometry and Algorithms for Geometric Constraint Systems
14th June 2021   -   18th June 2021

The Fields Institute Toronto Ontario, Canada

Frameworks are by definition real solutions to polynomial geometric constraint systems hence forming a real algebraic variety with special structure inherited from the geometries underlying the con...


Knots, Surfaces and 3-manifolds
20th June 2021   -   25th June 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

A mathematical knot can be thought of as a piece of knotted string with ends attached This knotted circle is allowed to move freely in space as long as it does not pass through itself In recent year...


Analysis, Geometry and Topology of Positive Scalar Curvature Metrics
27th June 2021   -   3rd July 2021

Oberwolfach, Germany

Analysis Geometry and Topology of Positive Scalar Curvature Metrics


Applied Topology in Będlewo 2021
27th June 2021   -   3rd July 2021

Bdlewo, Poland

Applied and computational topology one of the most rapidly growing branches of mathematics is becoming a key tool in applied sciences It is making impact not only in mathematics but on the wide in...


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