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Algebraic and Geometric Categorification
1st December 2019   -   6th December 2019

Oaxaca, Mexico

Categorification is a relatively new and very exciting field of mathematics bridging a number of inter related areas including representation theory combinatorics algebraic geometry geometric topo...


Winter school on Cremona groups, geometric topology and algebraic geometry
6th January 2020   -   10th January 2020

Cuernavaca, Mexico

The goal of the school is to discuss some topics in the interaction between Group Theory Geometric Topology and Algebraic Geometry with particular emphasis in the theory of Cremona groups and it...


Advances in Mixed Characteristic Commutative Algebra and Geometric Connections
7th June 2020   -   12th June 2020

Oaxaca, Mexico

One of the big ideas in modern mathematics is that integers like 1 2 3 4 5 in many formal ways behave similarly to polynomial equations like y x 2 which defines the parabola Frequentl...


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