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EAGE/DGS Jurassic Field Trip 2019
21st January 2019   -   23rd January 2019

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

EAGE is delighted to announce the first edition of this Jurassic Field trip which will be held in cooperation with the Dhahran Geoscience Society DGS and will focus on understanding the Jurassic hi...


Bryan Lovell Meeting 2019: Role of Geological Science in the Decarbonisation of Power Production, Heat, Transport and Industry
21st January 2019   -   23rd November 2019

London, United Kingdom

In the UK and elsewhere decarbonisation of power production industry transport and heating to meet climate change targets is a major challenge and one that intrinsically involves the subsurface and...


3rd National Conference on Petroleum Geomechanics
22nd January 2019   -   23rd January 2019

Tehran, Iran Islamic Republic of

Considering the rising consumption and demand for all types of hydrocarbon material including crude oil oil and gas products special attention have been delivered to the oil gas upstream industries I...


22nd January 2019   -   24th January 2019

Villars sur Ollon, Switzerland

Geomechanics Environment and Energy are increasingly related and contemporary themes The goal of the school is to provide the participants with a deep understanding on selected topics in Geomechanic...


EAGE/ALNAFT Geoscience Workshop
28th January 2019   -   29th January 2019

Algiers, Algeria

As global demand for energy rises and as hydrocarbon basins mature to a point of few or no remaining untested big structures one of the main challenges facing explorationists and producer is how to ...


SEG | SPE Advanced Geophysical Applications in Drilling and Well Placement Optimization
18th February 2019   -   20th February 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The workshop will discuss drilling and well placement integrated workflows that combine subsurface information such as geophysical geological and petrophysical data for optimal well placement It wi...


First EAGE Reservoir Characterization and Modelling Workflows for Giant Carbonate Field Developments of the Middle East
18th February 2019   -   21st February 2019

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Development and management of giant fields producing from carbonate reservoirs require building sensible and predictive reservoir models The collaboration between all subsurface disciplines is needed...


Thermal Models in Planetary Science III
20th February 2019   -   20th February 2019

Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest, Hungary

The workshop follows up on the discussions and results of TherMoPS I Beaulieu sur Mer France Sep 15 17 2008 and TherMoPS II Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife Spain Jun 3 5 2015 The main topic is ...


EAGE/SEG/SPG Joint workshop on “Foothills Imaging & Sub Basalt Exploration in Asia Pacific”
22nd February 2019   -   24th February 2019

Dehradun, India

EAGE SEG SPG Joint workshop on Foothills Imaging Sub Basalt Exploration in Asia Pacific


Intensive short-course on "Energy Geostructures: Analysis and Design" - 2nd Edition
6th March 2019   -   8th March 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland

The application of environmentally friendly technologies that exploit renewable energy sources is key to follow international agreements for the development of low carbon buildings and infrastructures...