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REF2019 — Resummation, Factorization, Evolution
25th November 2019   -   29th November 2019

Pavia, Italy

REF 2019 is the 6th workshop in the series of workshops on Resummation Evolution Factorization It aims to bring together experts who deal with high energy hadronic processes where the transverse mo...


58th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics
20th January 2020   -   24th January 2020

Bormio, Italy

Long standing conference bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics The conference location is Bormio a beautiful mountain resort in the Italian Alps


FNHP2020 — International Doctorate School in Nuclear Physics “Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics 2020"
24th February 2020   -   6th March 2020

Florence, Italy

The school is primarily addressed to Ph D students in Theoretical Nuclear and Hadron Physics Participation of experimentalists and post docs is also encouraged The 2020 edition will be devoted to t...


13th International Spring Seminar on Nuclear Physics — Perspectives and Challenges in Nuclear Structure after 70 Years of Shell Model
18th May 2020   -   22nd May 2020

Sant Angelo d Ischia, Italy

This Seminar is the thirteenth in a series of topical meetings started in 1986 on the initiative of Aldo Covello The main aim of the Seminar is to focus on the progress made in recent years from both...


Workshop — Topological properties of gauge theories and their applications to high-energy and condensed-matter physics
24th August 2020   -   16th October 2020

Firenze, Italy

Many remarkable properties of gauge theories rely on the topology of field configurations and or ambient spacetime and are connected with quantum anomalies and nonperturbative excitations These prope...


Topological Matter and Duality
7th September 2020   -   11th September 2020

Firenze, Italy

Topological properties of gauge theories find application in the characterization of novel phases of matter and in establishing nonperturbative phenomena such as the duality relations between quantum ...


Focus Week — Topological Phases of Matter
21st September 2020   -   25th September 2020

Firenze, Italy

Topics Anomalies of quantum field theories Generalized symmetries Topological aspects of quantum states in condensed matter Time reversal symmetry and 4d theta terms


Focus Week — Dualities in Quantum Field Theories
5th October 2020   -   9th October 2020

Firenze, Italy

Dualities in Quantum Field Theories


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