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Origin, growth and feedback of black holes in dwarf galaxies
7th September 2020   -   11th September 2020

San Sebastian, Spain

In this conference we plan to review the latest observational status concerning AGN in dwarfs as well as to cover the prospects of other methods in identifying them for example using dynamical measu...


VLVnT — 9th Very Large Volume neutrino Telescopes
16th September 2020   -   19th September 2020

Valencia, Spain

The MANTS meeting was originally planned for September 2020 but was re scheduled to April 2021 due to the Covid19 pandemia


PNG2020 — A cosmic window to Fundamental Physics: Primordial Non-Gaussianity and beyond
21st September 2020   -   25th September 2020

Madrid, Spain

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts on the topic of Primordial Non Gaussianities PNG with special focus on Large Scale Structure probes in the era of stage IV experiments We will ...


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