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The next generation of analogue gravity experiments
9th December 2019   -   10th December 2019

London, United Kingdom

Scientific discussion meeting organised by Dr Maxime Jacquet Dr Silke Weinfurtner and Dr Friedrich K nig The discussion meeting brings together scientists who reproduce effects of the interplay bet...


Exotic Hardon Spectroscopy 2019
12th December 2019   -   13th December 2019

Kings Manor York, United Kingdom

The workshop brings together the nuclear and particle physics communities to discuss the latest developments experimental and theoretical in exotic and conventional hadron spectroscopy It is the th...


Annual Theory Meeting & STFC Town Meeting
16th December 2019   -   18th December 2019

Durham University, United Kingdom

The Annual Theory Christmas Meeting will again be held in Durham 16 18th December hosted by the Centre for Particle Theory and organized by the IPPP Following tradition we use the format of three ...


Lecture — Materials and Characterisation Christmas Lecture
18th December 2019   -   18th December 2019

Institute of Physic London, United Kingdom

Prof Martin Hendry Professor of Gravitational Astrophysics and Cosmology will be speaking about detecting Gravitational Waves


Rocky Worlds: from the Solar System to Exoplanets
6th January 2020   -   6th January 2020

Cambridge, United Kingdom

The planets that are best understood are the four telluric planets of our own solar system Applying the detailed understanding gleaned from these bodies is crucial in our interpretation of exoplaneta...


The Sharpest Eyes on the Sky: A 2020 vision for high angular resolution astronomy
20th April 2020   -   24th April 2020

Exeter, United Kingdom

The last few years have seen ground breaking scientific results in the field of optical infrared high angular resolution astronomy opening up new opportunities for observations covering a wide range ...


ISMD2020 — 50th International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
27th July 2020   -   31st July 2020

Pitlochry, United Kingdom

The 50th edition of the ISMD conference series bringing together physicists from across particle nuclear and astro physics for talks and discussions on all aspects and consequences of the strong nu...


The Epoch of Galaxy Quenching: Understanding the Decline in Star Formation from Cosmic Noon to the Present
7th September 2020   -   11th September 2020

Cambridge, United Kingdom

The goal of this conference is to bring together an international community of researchers in observational and theoretical astrophysics to work towards a solution to one of the most important proble...


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