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Science at Low Frequencies VI
9th December 2019   -   11th December 2019

Tempe Arizona, United States

The SALF conference and an associated MWA project meeting will be hosted at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona USA Registration and conference details will be posted soon December 9 11 2...


235th AAS Meeting — 235th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
5th January 2020   -   9th January 2020

Honolulu HI, United States

The AAS Vice Presidents urge you to join your colleagues in The Aloha State and contribute your research to the 235th AAS meeting


Inflationary Reheating Meets Particle Physics Frontier
3rd February 2020   -   6th February 2020

UC Santa Barbara, United States

This conference will bring together experts in cosmology particle physics and fundamental theory to address how and when the universe thermalizes following inflation and the associated particle phy...


Galaxy Quenching and Transformation throughout Cosmic Time
8th February 2020   -   13th February 2020

Aspen Colorado, United States

The purpose of this Aspen Winter Conference is to bring together experts with a variety of observational and theoretical backgrounds to map out the path forward in our understanding of galaxy quenchin...


Workshop on Tensor categories and topological quantum field theories
16th March 2020   -   20th March 2020

Berkeley, United States

The workshop will concern the latest developments in the mathematical study of quantum field theories The focus will be on the interplay among topics such as higher category theory as illustrated by...


15th International Astronomical Consortium for High Energy Calibration (IACHEC) meeting
20th April 2020   -   23rd April 2020

Pembroke VA, United States

15th International Astronomical Consortium for High Energy Calibration IACHEC meeting


AIM Workshop: Resurgence in string and gauge theory
4th May 2020   -   8th May 2020

San Jose California, United States

This workshop sponsored by AIM and the NSF brings together expert mathematicians and physicists to define and collaborate on the forefront problems in string theory and quantum field theory for whic...


Neutrino 2020 — XIX International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
21st June 2020   -   27th June 2020

Chicago Illinois, United States

This is a biennial conference Its primary focus is to review the current status of neutrino physics the impact of neutrino physics on astronomy and cosmology and the vision for the future developme...


Taking the Temperature: Statistical Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics and Applications
13th July 2020   -   16th July 2020

Athens Ohio, United States

Statistical estimates of nuclear reaction rates are essential ingredients for astrophysical model calculations e g r process nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers and nuclear applications e g n...


Compact Objects and Energetic Phenomena in the Multi-Messenger Era
14th July 2020   -   16th July 2020

Saint Paul Minnesota, United States

Now at the dawn of the multi messenger era electromagnetic waves high energy particles and gravitational waves are jointly revealing previously hidden clues into the workings of compact objects ...


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