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ICAP 2020 — 27th International Conference on Atomic Physics
20th July 2020   -   24th July 2020

Toronto, Canada

ICAP 2020 27th International Conference on Atomic Physics


APARM — (The 9th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Advanced Reliability and Maintenance Modelling)
20th August 2020   -   23rd August 2020

Vancouver Canada, Canada

Innovative tools for reliability analysis and decision making in design operation and maintenance of engineering systems in today s connected era are critical for safe reliable and effective oper...


5 Day Workshop at BIRS — Permutations and Probability
13th September 2020   -   18th September 2020

Banff Alberta, Canada

A permutation is an ordering or arrangement of a set of objects One might think of shuffling a pack of cards or sorting a list of options into order of preference or arranging the seating of passen...


5 Day Workshop at BIRS — Dynamical Algebraic Combinatorics
25th October 2020   -   30th October 2020

Banff Alberta, Canada

Dynamics is the study of systems that evolve over time Combinatorics is the study of discrete structures such as binary strings well formed expressions in simple languages data trees colorings of ...


Optical Manipulation and Its Applications
12th April 2021   -   15th April 2021

Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

This meeting covers the whole range of optical manipulation technologies currently being developed for studies in biophysics single molecule single cell and tissue level analysis optical manipulati...


Perspectives on Knot Homology
16th May 2021   -   21st May 2021

Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts on many developing perspectives on knot homology physical geometric and algebraic to draw connections between them and to explore applications...


Supersingular Isogeny Graphs in Cryptography
22nd August 2021   -   27th August 2021

Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada

Despite the enormous commercial potential that quantum computing presents the existence of large scale quantum computers also has the potential to destroy current security infrastructures Post quant...


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