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Summer School on Mathematical Crystallography
3rd June 2019   -   7th June 2019

Nancy, France

Symmetry groups and types of symmetry in direct space Bravais lattices conventional and non conventional unit cells Symmetry of lattices and symmetry directions Hermann Mauguin symbols for point g...


Twistors meet Loops in Marseille
2nd September 2019   -   6th September 2019

Luminy Marseille, France

Twistor theory was originally proposed by Roger Penrose as a geometric framework for physics that aims to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics In this approach spacetime is secondary with ...


Marches auto-interagissantes, polymères et repliement — Self-interacting random walks, Polymers and Folding
9th September 2019   -   13th September 2019

CIRM Luminy, France

The focus of this workshop will be on self interacting random walks and polymer models with an emphasis on those models which exhibit a folding or unfolding transition The goal of the workshop is to...


Distributions stationnaires attractives pour l'équation de la chaleur stochastique — Attracting Stationary Distributions for the Semi-Discrete Stochastic Heat Equation
23rd September 2019   -   4th October 2019

CIRM Luminy, France

We consider the semidiscrete stochastic heat equation on the lattice Z d d 3 with a small noise term that is white in time The goal of this project is to show that the equation admits a global...


IHP Winter School — Categorifications, Moduli Spaces and Representation Theory
6th January 2020   -   10th January 2020

CIRM Luminy, France

Representation theory is the study of the basic symmetries of mathematics and physics Recently it has known some spectacular developments thanks to the introduction of new technics such as categori...


9th International Conference on Quantum Simulation and Quantum Walks
20th January 2020   -   24th January 2020

CIRM Luminy, France

This is the 9th in series of international conference focussing on aspects of quantum walks and quantum simulation Quantum simulation has recently established itself as an area of study in quantum ph...


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