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Essential Oils in Cancer Care (2 Day Course)
28th January 2019   -   29th January 2019

London, United Kingdom

The purpose of this two day course is to promote discussion link essential oil research to sound and effective practice and to improve aromatic interventions for people with cancer Many of the sympt...


Essential Oils Aroma-Psychology in Care Evidence and Applications
30th January 2019   -   30th January 2019

London, United Kingdom

The psycho physiological benefits of essential oils are very well supported in the scientific literature and can be extremely effective in helping the cancer patient especially when presented as part...


Clinical Aromatherapy across the ages: supporting young and elderly patients with essential oils
31st January 2019   -   31st January 2019

London, United Kingdom

This entirely new one day class takes an evidence based approach to working with sick patients at both ends of the age spectrum as they each offer particular challenges that require extra skills know...


Essential Oils for Rest, recovery and repair in cancer and palliative care
1st February 2019   -   1st February 2019

London, United Kingdom

This class is designed for therapists working in cancer care palliative care or other clinical settings who are looking to improve efficiency when working with patients that have sleep disturbance an...


UK National Autistic Society Professional Conference 2019
7th March 2019   -   8th March 2019

Birmingham, United Kingdom

The annual two day conference is a unique opportunity for professionals to discuss best practice and share learning Hear the latest information from leading experts in the field and learn from case s...


Biology Strategy Meeting 2019 in London | Proventa
20th March 2019   -   20th March 2019

London, United Kingdom

Proventa International s unique format of Biology Strategy Meeting United Kingdom 2019 gathers seasoned local and global thought leaders in an exclusive discussion where director level professionals...


Royal College of General Practitioners One-Day Essentials Various Dates and Topics 2019
20th March 2019   -   20th March 2019

London, United Kingdom

One Day Essentials is a series of one day conferences providing expert specialist clinical training and essential information GPs and primary healthcare professionals benefit from programmes develope...


International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders 2019
6th May 2019   -   8th May 2019

London England, United Kingdom

We are a platform dedicated to expanding knowledge exchanging ideas advancing wellbeing and the prevention and treatment of Behavioural Mental and Emotional Health issues Through our communica...


AHCP Joint Annual Scientific Meeting and Medical Conference on Progress in Medical Practice
26th July 2019   -   29th July 2019

London, United Kingdom

Constant progress and innovations have been occurring in medical practice and education internationally for the past decades These have been as a result of advances in medical practice worldwide In ...


Joint Sponsored 53rd International Medical Conference - Progress in Medical Practice and Education in the Changing World
10th August 2019   -   13th August 2019

London, United Kingdom

Major challenges continue to occur in Medical Care and Education Worldwide There are increasing external and internal pressures to improve the quality of patient care education and research performa...


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