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ICG-EAC Annual Meeting 2021
16th May 2021   -   21st May 2021

Kingston Ontario, Canada

ICG EAC Annual Meeting 2021


ICG-EAC Annual Meeting 2021
17th May 2021   -   21st May 2021

Online, Canada

The general objective of the International Cooperative Group on Environmentally Assisted Cracking of Water Reactor Materials ICG EAC N P O is to coordinate international efforts on the EAC of stru...


Recent Advances in the Physics of Elastic Films
24th May 2021   -   27th May 2021

UC Santa Barbara, United States

Thin elastic films can be found everywhere they occur naturally lipid membranes viral capsids plant leaves epithelial tissues seashells etc and as man made materials paper graphene fabrics...


The Electrochemical Society — 239th ECS Meeting
30th May 2021   -   3rd June 2021

Chicago IL, United States

The 239th ECS Meeting and the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors IMCS bring together the most active researchers in academia government and industry both professionals and students ...


EMCR 2021 — 13th International Conference on Electrochemical Methods in Corrosion Research
30th May 2021   -   4th June 2021

La Rochelle, France

The 1st International Conference on Electrochemical Methods in Corrosion Research EMCR was held in Manchester in 1982 and it has subsequently run in Toulouse 1985 Zurich 1988 Helsinki 1991 ...


ECG-COMON Annual Meeting 2021
7th June 2021   -   8th June 2021

Villigen, Switzerland

The 16th annual ECG COMON Meeting 2021 will probably be combined with a MEACTOS project meeting and is hosted by the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI Both meetings will take place at PSI in Villigen ...


Stranggießen 2021 — Symposium Stranggießen 2021
8th June 2021   -   9th June 2021

Neu Ulm, Germany

Symposium Stranggie en 2021


ICF15 — 15th International Conference on Fracture
13th June 2021   -   18th June 2021

Atlanta, United States

Founded in 1965 the International Congress on Fracture is one of the premier international bodies promoting worldwide cooperation among scientists and engineers dealing with mechanics and mechanisms ...


CNMAT 2021 — Symposium on Corrosion and Surface Protection Methods
22nd June 2021   -   25th June 2021

Malaga, Spain

Attendees of the CNMAT congress are informed that all the summaries of the papers presented at the congress will be gathered for publication in electronic format and the corresponding ISBN will be req...


7th July 2021   -   8th July 2021

Kenilworth, United Kingdom

The Advanced Materials Show provides a truly unique free to attend exhibition and conference that brings together a highly focused audience all involved in the research production purchasing or in...


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